Poker Coaching By the Day

Meet me in Las Vegas for one day and night of intensive poker coaching. Or two days. Or three. We’ll decide on that during our initial consultation.

In Vegas we will play in the same game together (see below). Then, in my hotel room, we’ll talk about your session, and what I observed, and how you feel about your play — plus whatever else is on your mind, from bankroll issues, to bad quitting, to good bet sizing. Nothing is out of bounds because the objective is a better poker life.

Fee: $1,600 per day (plus travel and lodging)

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Strategy: I ask that you send me hands you have played, written up in story form. Include any comments or questions you have. The more you write the better. This will give me a big head start before we meet.

Tilt: If we define tilt as any deviation from our best performance, then everyone tilts, it’s just a matter of how much, how often, and how bad. Examining your tilt and plugging mental leaks could be a big part of the program if that’s what you want or need.

Live Poker Coaching: We play in the same game for a couple hours. I take notes while we play, on all sorts of things, not just your betting. (It looks like I’m texting. What a great disguise!) Back in my room, we spend some of the coaching time talking about the session. I learn more about you, and we go through my notes and suggestions, and you’ll probably be excited about what we come up with to make your live poker game stronger.

During our poker session the next day (if there is one), you test drive the ideas from the day before, and I take more notes, and then we talk about that session. And now we zero in on the changes you want to make − in your behavior, attitude, image, mechanical skills, etc. −  and we set a course for how you can bring them about, with or without more coaching.

The live coaching can resemble a doctor checkup. I might diagnose you with maladies you didn’t even know existed. And I might inform you of strengths you didn’t know you had.

Meditation: I teach that too.


My coaching history: I opened for business on March 6, 2004. As of 2018, I have worked with 150 clients. They range from retired millionaires to college students. I coach high stakes, low stakes, cash games, tournaments, limit holdem, no-limit holdem, PLO, internet players, and live poker. I advise on every aspect of poker, from preflop strategies to relationship issues.

Also available: Coaching by the Half-Hour


“Tommy coached me at poker and it shaved five strokes off my golf game.” − Ryan

“This was not at all what I expected, but it was exactly what I needed.” − Skip




Your diploma is one of these poker chips.