You Have to Want It

Dear reader: If you wish you did more meditating than you do now, you might want to check out my book, Dailyness. Below is an excerpt.


Why meditate?

To make things better.

Why daily?

To make sure.

It’s not what you do. It’s that you do. You plant seeds, in your meditation garden. Seeds of patience. Seeds of self-acceptance. Seeds of putting others first. You tend to your garden every day. You water it with your awareness, and your commitment is the sun that each day always rises.

You have to want it.

Usually that phrase means: You are going to have to try really hard.

Another possible interpretation is: Desire is required.

And that, my friends, is the secret to dailyness. You have to want to garden. You have to desire to sit every day. In two distinct ways. You have to want to have a practice. And you need to look forward to the sitting itself.

To get there, you might have to stop and start a lot. And you might need to chisel away at massive roadblocks. But at least now you know what you’re up against. And you know what you’re after: the tipping point. You’ll know you’ve reached it when you wake up feeling lousy, and there’s no confusion about what you want to do first.


Dailyness is available in print, ebook, and audiobook at all the usual places.