EarsTo win at poker, you have to be very good at losing.


If there were no humans on earth, would there be any weeds?


While the game forever changes, the pain remains the same.


Compassion for all leaves no one out.


Your fault-finding mind loves idiots.


There are two reasons to meditate: 1) for yourself 2) for everyone else.


Only you know when you knew better.


Poker is a process of illumination.


I was born with an oversized nit bone.


Seventy-five percent of all poker players think they play better than the other seventy-five percent.


Mindfulness works in mysterious ways.


Painless poker is attainable. It’s just not sustainable.


Everything relies.


There are only two positions during a poker hand: last, and not last.


“A plate of fine food is the purest art form in that it is simultaneously experienced and destroyed.” – Alfonzo Calibri


“No worry before its time.” – Alfonzo Calibri


“Never borrow from someone you’d hate to lend to.” – Babs McDerty


“Pocket kings is the most aerodynamic hold’em hand.” – Babs MacDerty


“All that matters is what does happen, not what should happen.” – Mick Stanley


“I don’t fold hands. I fold situations.” – Mick Stanley


“Mindfulness is a road less travelled that makes all the difference.” – Mo Chin


“Mindfulness is a renewable energy source.” – Mo Chin


“We don’t judge a concert by how long it lasted. We judge it on how good the music was.” – Mo Chin


“If you dread doing dishes, you cannot have a happy home life.” – Mo Chin


“Jesus says love thy enemy. Buddha teaches how.” − Mo Chin


If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with anybody, it makes you very easy to get along with. − Mo Chin


“You can’t stop the rain, but you can carry an umbrella.” – Mo Chin


Walking away is easy. The hard part is standing up.


My bankroll is the amount of money I would spend or lose before I got a job. It is calculated by adding my net worth to whatever I can borrow.


Try to remember that everyone forgets.


If you want quick gratification, don’t take up violin, or meditation.


If the doctor sucks, the morphine still works.


You can’t always get what you want, and even if you could, it wouldn’t be enough.


Meditation is not a cure all. But it is a cure sometimes.


Impatience is like a wound that won’t scab over, and we figure there’s nothing to be done about it.


Quitting a session needs to be like folding a hand. No big deal. Or else you won’t do it enough.


It was a big day when I realized that the information I receive from the news media has the same effect on my decisions as cat videos.


The only way to prove that you can live a happy life as a poker pro is to do it. Only you can quiet the skeptics.


No matter how you play a G-chord, you are making music.


There have been times in my life when I didn’t smoke pot everyday. This wasn’t one of them.


Life is a game of incomplete information.


How many songs are in a piano? That’s how many ways there are to meditate.


Rules are meant to be made up.


Showdowns aren’t won by the player with the best cards. They are won by the player with the least shame.


I don’t need to be enlightened. Lightened is good enough.


I walk in the woods because that’s where my ideas are.


The mindset that needs to take a look at itself is the same mindset that won’t.


He who acts last lasts.


He who leaks least lasts too.


I don’t believe that meditation will make me happy. But I do believe I can’t be happy without it.


The problem is not the problem.


The idea that ideas are just ideas is just an idea.


Your poker bankroll is an imaginary wall between some of your money and the rest of it.


Meditation is like a daily reboot of your inner OS.


Doing your best starves the regret demon.


Impermanence doesn’t have to hurt.


I quit roulette when I turned 37.


The most I ever lost at poker was everything.


Confirmation is as good as inspiration.


Tilted poker is like crooked teeth. It’s not your fault, and it can be fixed.


If you know only one chord on the guitar, and I know none, then you have something to teach me.


Every meditative practice that has ever been taught is just some song somebody came up with.


When things are as bad as they can get, any change is an improvement.


Poker is a game of choices, not chances.


If you think you should stop playing for a while, then you definitely should.


I am writing about obsessing while obsessing about writing.


Daily meditation is a mental weight loss program.


The betting decisions that trouble us most are the ones that matter least.


No-limit hold’em is about stack sizes whereas limit hold’em is about stuck sizes.


I’d rather be weak-tight than strong-broke.


To meditate, all you need is the determination to ride one breath. And then another.


I knew that if I ever went broke at poker, it wouldn’t be because my best wasn’t good enough to keep me afloat. It’d be because my worst was bad enough to sink me.


I can never get even at poker. I already spent the money.


Your next breath is there for the taking.


Everyone plays poker exactly the same way. As they please.


It’s never wrong to not play.


No one is tiltless, which means everyone can tilt less.


Meditation fosters a softer posture.


Saying that position is important at poker is like saying that altitude is important at flying, or that water is important at swimming.


If you don’t enjoy today, that’s okay. There’s usually tomorrow.


Running bad can be cured.


When you transform bad into neutral, that’s good.


I wrote this book for poker players who have never meditated, and those who have.



Suicide is euthanasia.


Failure is a growth opportunity.


In reciprocality reality, it’s not about what you do, and it’s not about what they do. It’s both.


It’s the easiest thing in the world, to become a professional poker player. All you have to do is quit your job.


The best way to play poker is to act like Jesus but play like the devil.


There is nothing quite like the high I get from low expectations.


When I keep missing and they keep hitting, I get very flushstraighted.


Game selection to me is not so much about getting in games when I have way the best of it as it is about getting out of games when I don’t.


The surest way to end a gambling career is to gamble.



Among the nifty features of medding is that you always know when you are doing it, and you never know when you’re not.


My secret is I keep secrets.


Take a beat, take a breath.


It feels really good to not feel bad.


I think, therefore I suffer.


Lending is an inverse freeroll.


Separateness is an illusion.


So close, but yet, so what?


I cut myself on the raiser’s edge.


It’s never too late to start stopping.


I eat life and shit paragraphs.


Mum poker is like a sand wedge. It can get you out of trouble, if you know how to use it.


How much pain do you want in your pocket?


There is only one mental disease: dissatisfaction. And it has only one symptom: pain.


I hope I kill myself.


There’s no hand that can’t be folded.


Smile at what you have instead of frowning at what you don’t.