The Tilt Store

I want to share a funny email I received from my friend, Rich.

Rich wrote:

So I had to go to the local mall for a job meeting today. It was my first time there. Right before I walk thru the doors as I was walking from the parking structure to the food court I was thinking about:

1.       How I played for 6 hours yesterday and lost $19.
2.       How the jerk that 3-bet me preflop with an A478 won when I finished with Nut, Nut, Nothing.
3.       How I left the game last Friday night about 2 hours later my table hit the bad beat jackpot 5-handed for about $40,000
4.       How I really want to get a T-shirt made that says, “ The real miracle is not that you hit, It’s that I missed!”
And then off I go in my mind, until I walk into the mall and the first store I see is……………….(see attached)
So I laugh and think……..Yeah I know!

Tilt Store



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  • BlackRain79 Posted May 23, 2015 1:01 am

    I would probably buy everything they sell!

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