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Yan Chen: A Simple Man

This is an “I Knew Him When” story. When Yan Chen won event #14 at the 2010 World Series of Poker − a prestigious Deuce to Seven No-Limit Lowball title − it blew his cover. Before that, only the top players in the world knew that Yan was one of the top players in the

Look Left

Look Left

“When you look to the right, you look into the past. To see your future, look left.” − me Among my recurring targets as a poker player is to look left as the action gets to me, so that I might get a feel for my opponents’ intentions. Is he going to fold? Is he

Party Talk

I was at a party the other night and one of my favorite conversations happened. I get introduced by someone I know to someone I don’t know. “This is Tommy,” they say. “He is like, Joe Poker.” After I say a few words, I ask my new acquaintance, “So, do you play poker?” And they

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