assume-the-position_whiteYou have to be stubborn to maintain a daily meditation practice, the way athletes are stubborn, where sheer determination is what powers you through. You have to be stubborn as hell to sit still. And you have to be stubborn as hell to do it every day.

Stopping and starting your practice is okay. For most people it’s part of the natural path, just like with pro poker. It doesn’t always take on the first attempt, and those experiences combine to build the player, or the meditator.

It’s really about intent, and objectives. If you meditate every day for a month and then stop, and in your mind you think, “I hope to start up again,” then you’re on the path, like the poker player who blows his first bankroll and very much wants to get back in action and stay there. The dream might come true, and it might not. One thing for sure. It won’t happen without stubbornness.


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