so quiet

it was so quiet on my bench just now, it stunned me when it stopped, but not because there were any additional sounds at the end, see, i had unplugged the dvr this morning, something I only do sometimes since its hard to reach the cable to unplug it and even harder to plug it back in, and its across the room from where ive been sitting on my bench lately so in terms of decibels it adds approximately zero, but it’s the loudest thing around so i hear it, unless there has been fallen moisture outside, which there was last night, in which case i hear drops clacking around out there, but i can still easily hear the dvr over that, except for today because i unplugged it, and i can hear the refrigerator make occasional sounds two rooms away, and even though i do these long stretches of sitting on my meditation bench every morning, there are some mornings that are quieter than others, sometimes much quieter, like what happened before I decided to start typing, its a quiet that’s independent of whatever rarefaction and compression travels by way of air onto my eardrums, because the quiet i set out to write about here is aided by silence, but not dependent on it, because its all between my ears, where no actual sound is generated unless you count mental activity as sound, and if you do, you could think of what usually goes on between my ears as noise, kind of like the dvr machine, but way louder than that, and anytime you have a loud sound going, one you barely even notice, and then you notice it, you notice how loud it is, and then if all of a sudden someone turns it off, well, you definitely notice that, funny, it was there, and you dont notice it, then its gone, and you notice it, and its stunning, so much so that you might even want to write about it into cyberspace, but then you might think, hmmm, thats kind of weird, to write about something that isnt even there as if it was so important that it was worth writing about, and thinking that is okay too because really thats just the noise getting in the way of the quiet again as usual, so quiet, it was, this morning


  • Spike The Cat Posted January 24, 2010 12:37 pm

    I can hear you …. I believe.

  • Poker Holdem, Online Poker Posted January 21, 2011 11:13 am

    Yes i also believe

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