Poker Guidance by the Half-Hour



If there is one thing I have learned from 45 years of playing poker and 15 years of coaching poker players, it’s that we’re all the same. We have the same love, and the same problems.

I have worked with every kind of player, from high-stakes professionals to low-stakes recreationals, on everything from how to bet to how to sit.

The guidance I offer is:

Accessible: $100 per half-hour.

Efficient: We can aim directly at known weaknesses.

Flexible: You may schedule one call or many, with no penalty for rescheduling.

Personal: Using ZOOM, we’ll be able to see each other. (Or you can choose audio-only.)

Actionable: We end the call with what comes next for you: doable changes, devised intelligently and creatively by us.


You Lead the Way

What we talk about is up to you. It could be hands you played, or a specific tilt problem, or how much to tip. There’s no aspect of your poker life that is out of bounds. The beauty of this structure is that you are free to aim our efforts at whatever target you choose.

For inspiration, feel free to peruse the word cloud above. I have my own version of that list. It’s ten times longer. That’s because there’s a lot to talk about, in this game, this life, we call poker.

When you schedule your call, which is super easy to do, there’s a place for you to tell me what’s on your mind. That’s to give my brain a running start before we engage. Once the call starts, there are no constraints. You can rattle off a bunch of questions that you saved up, or we might talk the whole time about a poker-related family problem.


Talking About Hands

My expertise is playing and teaching no-limit holdem and limit holdem, in one venue: live cash games.

If you play exclusively online and/or tournaments, or if you don’t play holdem, then I will not have betting advice for you. But I can still help with everything else, such as tilt reduction and life balance, no matter what you play or where.

Fair warning: When you bring hands to talk about, the conversation could lead to inquisitions, as I root around, searching for leaks in your game, strategic or mental.


Your Recordings, Notes, and Free Ebook

With one click, you can record our call if you like, and you may do whatever you like with the recordings.

If you schedule multiple calls, and you send me your notes from our calls, I will review your notes before each call.

All first-time customers will receive the Elements of Poker ebook. It will come in your confirmation letter, in a zip file.


To Schedule a Call

Select a date on the calendar below, choose a time of day, send money, and we’re good to go. You will receive an email with a link to My Personal Meeting Room, at ZOOM. To join the meeting, click the link at our appointed time.