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Phil Galfond hired me to coach him in 2005 and we have been friends ever since. Three years ago, in 2103, Phil created, a poker-training website that instantly set a new bar for the industry. No surprise there, to anyone who knows Phil.

So when Phil informed me that RunItOnce had a Mental Game forum, and that many of the topics I teach come up there all the time, and then he asked if I would be interested in making videos for RunItOnce, I said, “Hell yes!” and he said, “Awesome!” and I said, “It’s so incredibly excellent that our careers have found this intersection point,” and he said, “I completely agree.”

Before I tell you how much fun I’ve been having using Powerpoint, Audacity, and Camtasia to weave together improvised musings and stories with little blasts of banjo in between, I should tell you that my videos are available only through RIO’s Elite Membership, which costs $100 per month.

There are tons of videos alongside mine, all geared for professional players and serious amateurs. RIO also has a $10/month membership, with access to thousands of instructional videos for lower-stake games. The videos at RunItOnce focus mostly on the betting strategy part of the game. My videos round out the menu with other topics. The titles are:

Tommy, RIO. RIO, Tommy

Prepping to Play Perfectly


Bankroll Matters


Mum Poker, Tournament Torture, and Other Requestioned Topics


But It’s Not Gambling!

How to Grow Your Own Meditation Practice

One Breath − The Minutia of Sitting Meditation

Making these videos while working on Painless Poker has turned into a cross-pollination frenzy. I sort of knew this would happen when I said yes to Phil. I’ll think of something to say in a video because I was writing about it in PP, and then I’ll say it better in the video than I wrote it in PP, so then I have to go back and revise that part in PP, and do you think this dog will ever catch his tail?