My Story

I always wanted to be a writer when I grow up. And a musician. And a poker player. And that’s how it turned out. I made my living in the 80s playing drums and piano. Then for 15 years I was a professional poker player, dabbling in writing. And now I write full time. Though I must say, I still don’t feel like I’ve grown up yet.

The reason I feel qualified to write about the dark side of poker, and ways to brighten it up, is because I have coached 100 players, mostly professionals, on the most delicate aspects of the game, such as self-destruction, table presence, and convincing your mom you’re not insane for dedicating your life to a card game.

My other topic is meditation. I do it. And I like it. And apparently I want you to like it too because I sure do write a lot about it.

Painless Poker is my third book with the word Poker in the title, and likely my last. My next book is called Dailyness. It’s about meditation, and it will be out in 2018. After that I might take on a novel.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or pressing concerns, please write to me at