MORE! From Out of the Mouths of Professional Poker Players

This morning at the World Series of Poker I had breakfast with a professional poker player. Before Black Friday, all of her income came from poker, and almost all of that came from playing online. After Black Friday, her income streams changed. During the last year, 80% of her income came from playing live poker, and 20% came from the part-time job she took on as a backup plan.

She told me about what she likes about her job. She likes the people she works with. She likes the work because it does some good for the world. And she likes the safety net feeling − however small − that a steady paycheck provides. Thing is, she’d never had a paycheck before. She didn’t know what it was like to make money without risking losing money. She captured this sentiment quite nicely, and enthusiastically, when she said, “I’ll tell you what I really like about my job. It’s like guaranteed money!”


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