Love at First Seat Change

heartI was at a poker party the other night with some friends I had not seen in several years. One of them is David, a pro I used to play with all the time. He was with his girlfriend, Liz, who I had not met. We three were chatting along, and I asked the tradition question, “Where did you two meet?”  David paused for dramatic effect, and then proclaimed, “We met at a poker table.”

“Tell me more!” I said.

“It was at the $15-30 limit hold’em game at The Oaks,” David said. “I was in seat 7.  There were three loose players in the game, all seated to my immediate right, in seats 4, 5 and 6.  And on my left I had three rocks.  It was the greatest seating set-up imaginable.  Liz was in seat 2.  Liz and I had had some flirtatious exchanges.  But just how warm were the waters?   The main thing I knew about her was that I really wanted to know more about her, and of course I wanted her to know more about me!  So when the player in seat 3 quit, I moved from seat 7, the best seat at the table, to seat 3, the worst seat at the table, right in front of the three actions players. I did this just so that I could sit next to Liz in seat 2. She is an astute player and she understood what I had done and why I did it. She knew I was throwing money away. She knew that I lived for seating situations like the one I was enjoying in seat 7, and that I had abandoned all that, just to be close to her. And we are currently living happily ever after.”

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