“I was compacted.”

I just found two stashed paragraph that were written long ago by a client, Paul Whatford. I’m not able to contact Paul to get his permission, but I don’t think he’d mind me sharing this. It’s the most direct story about the benefit of sitting up during a poker game that I’ve ever heard.

Paul wrote:

“Now I’m back to playing $40/80 LHE with the biggest bankroll I’ve ever had. I figured out that I wasn’t tangled up, like I originally thought. I was hunched up, and compacted! No matter how hard I tried to focus on my breathing, something just wasn’t right. And then half way through a session I sat up straight! And that was it!”

“The hunched over metaphor carries over as I no longer get annoyed with suckouts from others or bad plays made by myself as I don’t need to win every single hand. When I was hunched over every hand mattered because I couldn’t handle playing for long periods. Now nothing worries me because as my chest has expanded so has my duration for playing and staying calm. The blood flows around my body like a river without any blockages at all, while before my whole body felt like a dam.”

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