Howard “Tahoe” Andrew is a funny man

andrew-tahoe-howardI went to a party recently where I ran into John Mugnani, floorman extraordinaire at the California Grand Casino. The next day John sent me an email with a story about our mutual ancient friend, Tahoe.

A guy walks up to Tahoe and says, “Listen to this terrible bad beat story that just happened to me.”

Tahoe says, “Did you lose with a royal flush?”

The guys says, “No.”

Tahoe replies, “Then I’ve heard it before.”

What the hell, as long we we’re here sharing Tahoe stories, this is a paragraph I wrote about Tahoe in 2001 in an article I wrote while I was at the WSOP:

Before the Senior’s event, Howard “Tahoe” Andrew said that no medication or walkers would be allowed during the tournament and that whoever was still breathing at the end would be the winner. Tahoe said he’s not taking any “last longer” bets.


  • Scott Posted April 16, 2011 9:37 am

    Tommy, you’re something else – certainly an inspiration! Also an anti-tilt automaton, maybe? Only on the day after Black Friday could you post a “no bad beats” story with no mention of the online poker shutdown.

    You do practice what you preach. Bad beats happen, life goes on, how’s your day?

    I love the blog and the book. Best regards.

  • Alan Bostick Posted April 21, 2011 2:43 pm

    I haven’t seen Tahoe in ages. I hope he’s well.

  • Darrell Posted August 23, 2011 10:43 am

    its been many years, but your topic on Tahoe brought back a memory of a bad beat story that I had never heard before… and it involves the Grand Casino many years ago.

    Guy named Gary has the absolute nuts on the turn and can not be beaten by any card to come. Just before the river card comes people are noticing smoke and the floor announces the kitchen is on fire. There was no river card, they evacuated and divided up the chips. Thus you can actually get a bad beat with a Royal Flush.

    I flew to Costa Rica with Tahoe, what a great guy.

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