Heedless. Is that a beautiful word or what? It takes something that’s hard to put into words, and puts it into one.

Here are some synonyms I found online: careless, negligent, thoughtless, unthinking, inattentive, unmindful, and unobservant. Those last two especially made me want to start remembering to use this word.

I recently saw the word “heedless” applied to the phase change that happens when addictive behavior really kicks in. Or anger blasts. Or food orgies. Or poker tilt. Or anything that can make one suddenly… heedless. There’s before heedlessness. And there’s after it. It’s a pretty clear line. At least it is when I watch myself cross it.


  • Short-Stacked Shamus Posted July 24, 2009 7:08 am

    So close to headless, is heedless. And needless.

  • jude Posted July 24, 2009 11:06 am

    nice – AND – wondering if this is a borderline case for cutting two ways. like shameless. shameless is generally used to mark a person who has done something they SHOULD be ashamed of. but it can also be someone who refuses to stop or be ashamed of behavior that is only an offense against unquestioned mores. “heedless” of what? is being heedless always those things on the list? etc…

  • Jim Rankin Posted July 27, 2009 8:58 am

    Here’s a good example of heedlessness – in one of my regular 10-10 nl games it’s getting towards 3 am in a unprofitable session. I was stacked twice early (one of them a cooler the other a bad play) but have fought back and think I’m still playing ok. We are down to six players, I raise UTG with AQs. Flop is Q 6 3 rainbow. I bet, one caller. Turn is 9 putting two spades. I bet again, the other guy, who is not particularly sophisticated, goes into a speech – “do you have a big hand, I bet you have AK, etc. etc”. Then he raises all in. Now we all know what a speech bet like this probably means, but since I’m in heedless mode I call to see his set of 3s.

    Fortunately I recognized the heedlessness of my ways and said “time to go to bed”.

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