Did You Know Your Diaphragm Has Holes In It?

To see the reason I am blogging about this short animation of the diaphragm and rib cage in action, check out the view from underneath that begins at :51. See the holes? Here’s what the voice over says…

“As seen from below, we get a sense of the full range of motion of the diaphragm as it would glide over the aorta, the vena cava, the esophagus, and the internal organs.”

Those holes are for the plumbing, like the holes in the floor of a bathroom. My mental vision of what my parts are doing inside me (the “gliding” action) is forever changed. And I think much improved!

Here’s another line from the video about the diaphragm:

“It gains its shape from its attachments.”

The same has been said about people. 🙂




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  • texas hold em strategy fan Posted October 2, 2011 8:18 am

    Absolutely fascinating!! I had no idea how the human diaphragm functioned, and this has put it into prespective perfectly. Thank you 🙂

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