Amazing eBooks Giveaway and a Best-Picture Award

I am glad to announce that both of my books – Elements of Poker (EOP), and A Rubber Band Story (RBS) – are now available in eBook format at my webstore. Ah, to be digitized!

I also feel that if you already shelled out $29.95 for the print version of EOP, then what you bought is a license. In other words, I don’t think you should have to pay for the eBook. In that spirit, if you email me a picture of you with your EOP, I will send the EOP eBook to you in my reply. The same goes for RBS. Please send your photo to

(You can get both print books for $29.95 at my store right now, which means if you did that, and then took a picture of them and sent it to me, then you would end up getting the print version and the eBook version of both books for $29.95.)

My latest newsletter (subscribe here) included this Free-eBooks-with-Picture offer. So far, 30 people have sent me pictures. It wasn’t a competition, but what the heck, with the Academy Awards coming up, I feel like giving out a best-picture award.


May I have the envelope please…


::: rustle rustle rustle :::


And the winner is…


Damien Burke!


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