Action Shot of Me Playing Poker at the WSOP with My Favorite Scarf On

Tommy-Angelo-with-scarf-at-WSOP-closeupI was sitting there playing $5-10 no-limit hold’em for about the 10th time this WSOP, and for the first time I was really happy. I thought I had been happy before, but it was just a delusion. I couldn’t really be happy because I was lugging around a piece of mental luggage that had been holding me down, and back, and hostage. As these things go, it was only after I was set free that I realized I had been imprisoned.

It was the climate. You’d think that a place with a name like “Rio” would tend to play on that theme and provide a climate that in some way reminded one of the tropical concept.

Not so. The climate in the cash game area at the Rio − and by climate I am talking basic stuff like temperature and wind speed − is more arctic than equatorial.

So when I went back home between my WSOP visits, I returned prepared. I left my sandals at home this second trip, and I brought my scarf.

Quick detour…

Did you notice wilting man and friend?

Okay, back to me…

The reason this picture was taken was that I was feeling so warm and safe, I just knew I had to look awesome. I’ve seen thousands of pictures of poker players playing poker, but never one of me. When I saw my Bay Area friend Eric walking by, I jumped up and handed him my iphone and asked him to capture the contentment.

Eric really outdid himself. He took the picture right at one of the most exciting moments of the hand, when I look at my cards, using nothing but the thumb and two fingers of one hand. I always knew I had awesome technique. I didn’t realize it was so photogenic. I think I should start making movies of me folding and stuff.



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