6:49 and All’s Well

assume-the-position_fade_whiteThe loudest thing right now is the heater that turned off a few minutes ago and is still making lots of little metallic sounds as it cools. It’s an old heater. I take that back. The typing makes many more and louder sounds than the heater. The brightest thing, actually the only bright thing, is the lit stick candle next to me. I’m not at home this morning. Kay and I did a sleep over at a friend’s house last night. We had no intention of being awake at midnight, but as it turned out, we almost were. Before that, the artists in each of us here agreed that as numbers go, 2012 is a better number than 2011, by quite a ways.

We felt that


looks better than


and that

two thousand eleven

doesn’t sound nearly as good as

two thousand twelve

Not that 2011 was a particularly good or bad year, or that 2012 holds any sort of promise. These are numbers. They contribute to the landscape when I see them, they join my thoughtscape when I think of them, and they appear in my soundscape when I type them.

Good morning 2012. I’ll be seeing you around.


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  • Arthur S Reber Posted January 1, 2012 9:26 am

    Still using a typewriter, eh?

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